JD. 14. South Korea



Have you ever wondered about what happens before & after We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together? I have.

This is actually riveting like I’m staring intently at each gif, like this is so cool.

I didn’t notice the black cover until like halfway through the tour and then I was like ohhhh so that’s how they do it..

I’ve always been curious about how many people are behind that cover tho

Taylor Swift out and about in NYC on July 24th.

Leaving her apartment in NYC - July 14, 2014 (x)


Taylor walks on stage in for the iHeart radio festival in the Red finale outfit, the new single’s opening bars begin and the dancer rip off her outfit like the old YBWM and boom new era begins

6/11/14 (x)


me stealing your moment and making it about me

The RED Tour: Singapore, Singapore


friendly reminder red’s promo pics (ex 1, 2) were black and white too.